COMMON FATES was born in 2004 and the fruit of a lucky encounter of different temperaments with varying musical influences.


An energetic and powerful rock transpires from the band, with melodies echoing cast-iron rhythmics.


In late 2008 the band signed for the production of its first album, “Words Unspoken”. The musicians entered the Hautregard studio and involve Damien Chierici (Yew and Foggy Stuff) for the violins on 3 tracks and Hervé Borbé (Machiavel) for the piano on "A million lies".


The first single from the album is "Unintentionally", a ballad that pushes you deep into the rock world of Common Fates

The album is signed on the Moonzoo label, itself distributed by Universal Music.


"Words Unspoken" combines energy and effective melodies. Although most titles are adorned with powerful guitar riffs, the melody is reflected by a sustained chant of emotion.


The texts, written by the singer-guitarist Dorian, are a chasm of resentment. The desire for better days, which would not be built on the past, characterizes the subliminal image of his words steeped in bitterness and whose main themes revolve around childhood, drugs, divorce, the past...


Hard sounds are at times contrasted with more muffled atmospheres like "A million lies", as led by the piano of Hervé Borbé or "Eternal Sorrow" which ends with a superb solo violin of Damien Chierici. Let it be said, Common Fates will thrive.

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